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Collecting Rent For Your Investment

We Make Sure You Get Paid On Time, Every Time

Rent collection starts with renting to financially responsible residents. This is achieved as outlined above in our Tenant Screening practices. Robert Massey Co. has a very high rate of on-time rental payments. For the exceptions, our staff is trained to follow the most efficient guidelines for legally compelling the resident to either pay or vacate the rental unit. We work closely with a law office to expeditiously move through the legal process necessary. Our staff is very experienced with this process since many owners come to us when they find themselves in the predicament of having a tenant who refuses to pay and thus, they request that we take over the management of their property. We make paying rent easy for tenants with an online tenant portal that can be accessed 24/7. Clients of Robert Massey Co. need not worry about rent collection.

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Owner, Renter or Vendor?

Our Technology is the Difference

The Property Management Division at Robert Massey Company embraces and utilizes the latest technology and innovative tools so owners can stay on top of the status of their rental properties.

No longer does living far away or being out of town present an issue with obtaining information or receiving funds relating to an owner’s rental property when utilizing the services of Robert Massey Company.

  • Owner statements are e-mailed and funds are seamlessly transferred into owner bank accounts expediting the process and allowing for receipt irrespective of location of the owner.
  • Robert Massey Co. clients enjoy the ability to download previous monthly statements and their Federal 1099 Form at any time by using the company owner portal.
  • Residents of the company also enjoy similar online services which helps attract tech savvy and responsible tenants. Learn more about our operating procedures from our many published property management articles.
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Technology Difference
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Owners We Serve

Our Louisville Area Properties Are Owned By Clients Who Reside In The Following States

In addition to the states below, we also have owners located in the following foreign countries: Korea, Serbia/Croatia, India, China, Iran, Kuwait, and Pakistan.

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